Karen's Testimonial:


For Christine and Dr. Cabot - here is my testimonial letter regarding Livatone Plus:

"My exposure to Livatone was a result of searching for health articles on the internet. I had actually been praying that the Lord would help me find out why I was feeling so badly. I could not sleep through any night and woke up for hours at a time. I had been getting shaky and weak, off and on through many days. I was hungry all the time, day and night, and eating did not take the hunger away. I was having numbness in my left foot. I had been 40+ pounds overweight. I felt very fatigued most days. In those night hours of being awake, I told the Lord I felt like something was really wrong--and like I was slowly dying but didn't know why.

So in my internet search I "accidentally" landed on an article and advertisement from the Liver Doctor website. I do not think it was any coincidence that my eyes landed on that page. I read with interest and went through a checklist of about 50 or so physical symptoms. My mouth dropped open in shock after realizing that out of 50 symptoms, I was experiencing 35 of them! In the next couple of days, I made mention of this to my mother. She and I both felt that I needed to order the "Fatty Liver--You Can Reverse It" book and the Livatone Plus capsules. Finances were an issue but thanks to my mother, I was able to order these items.

The book held my interest and the more I read, the more I was convinced that a fatty liver was my problem. I earnestly went on the suggested food plan within the book and took the capsules. I followed the guidelines also for exercise and drinking water. As days went by I already began to feel different. I felt less fatigued and out of sorts. I actually fell in love with vegetables for the first time in my life! It was easy to feel this way because I felt great after consuming a large salad! I started to lose weight--water weight at first and then weekly I would lose 1 or 2 pounds. Sometimes I would only lose weight bi-weekly but weight kept dropping off. The book explained that this was the best way to lose weight and why. In all, I lost 43 pounds! The numbness was gone from my left foot. I was sleeping through most nights and sleeping better. I stopped feeling shaky and weak! And I was not having constant hunger all day and night. I found I was satisfied after many eating times. Especially when those meals involved a lot of raw vegetables! I had had body surges of heat, different that hot flashes, and those were far less frequent and less severe!

I am still on the Livatone eating regime and capsules. When I go off the capsules, I can tell that I need to be back on them. I am not sure how long I will need to be on them but it does not matter to me. I will take them for the rest of my life if I need to. I have fought constipation problems all of my life and they even have helped considerably with that! I am not an alcoholic or drug user. I simply had a past of lots of sugar, non nutritional carbs habit and lack of exercise. I think I was addicted to the sugar and carbs. Now my appetite is under better control and I don't crave the wrong carbs anymore. And my desire for sugar is less and less because I am not feeding that habit anymore. Instead, I crave eating healthy! I cannot stand going more than 1 day without raw vegetables!!!

I am so thankful for Dr. Sandra Cabot and her research, her materials, her supplements and for the wonderful staff (Christine) at Dr. Sandra Cabot's office in Arizona!! They are quality people who are in a business that's based on truly wanting to help people!! This has all been an answer to prayer, for me! I cannot thank them enough!!!! I hope anyone else out there who is at their wits end and feels like giving up on their health and weight should be open to reading Dr. Cabot's book and trying the supplements and eating suggestions, etc!"