Research has shown that children in particular can be adversely affected if they live in a house affected by damp or mold.

It is well known that exposure to mold in the home or workplace can contribute to respiratory problems such as asthma, hay fever, and sinusitis. New research has found it can also interfere with sleep quality and quantity.

Mold and dampness problems are common all over the world. Some houses suffer more because of local climate conditions and structural factors. This particular study looked at 10 year old children in Germany. The researchers found that children living in moldy houses had difficulty falling asleep; experienced more waking through the night, and had reduced total sleep time.

The explanations for the sleep problems aren't clear, although it is known that microbial volatile organic compounds such as 3-methylfuran released by molds are likely to be partly responsible. These compounds are also involved in causing sick building syndrome. If you can see mold in your house, it has grown to levels that are capable of harming your health. White vinegar is the most powerful remedy for killing mold.

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