Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. Many different things can cause the liver to become inflamed. This article focuses on infection with hepatitis B or C. These viruses can cause a great deal of harm to the liver. Conventional medical treatment can be very expensive and is not always successful. This is why I’d like to offer you natural remedies that can help.

Conventional medical treatment for hepatitis C may not offer lasting benefits; this is because the hepatitis C virus can hide in various parts of the body, such as the liver or lymphatic system, even when you cannot detect the virus in the bloodstream. This means a blood test will show the viral load as zero, which may give you a sense of false cure. If the virus reappears in the bloodstream after “anti-viral drug cure” then nutritional medicine is essential for a good outcome.

Fatigue is a common symptom of infection with hepatitis B or C. The liver provides the body with energy and if it is damaged, the liver cannot store glucose or make proteins effectively – thus the muscles become weak. Treatment with anti-viral drugs typically causes worsening of the fatigue, depression and insomnia. This is where nutritional medicine can really make a huge difference.

Thyroid problems often co-exist with hepatitis C infection and nutritional medicine can support thyroid function. The most important nutrients to support healthy thyroid tissue and thyroid function are selenium, zinc, iodine and vitamin D. Appropriate doses of these nutrients are found in Thyroid Health Capsules. Anti-viral drugs can induce thyroid disease, which then needs long term treatment in itself.

Long term infection with hepatitis B or C can lead to cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. There is a shortage of liver donors for liver transplants.

Excess weight often results in fatty liver, which greatly reduces liver function and immune health. Fatty liver can co-exist with hepatitis infection and will worsen the liver damage caused by these viruses. Indeed if you have a very fatty liver, the unhealthy fat inside the liver can cause more destructive inflammation than these viruses. Thankfully it is easy to reverse a fatty liver with nutritional medicine – see my book Fatty Liver – You Can Reverse It

Type 2 diabetes speeds up progression of liver inflammation which increases the risk of cirrhosis. Overweight diabetics or poorly controlled diabetics often have a fatty liver and if they have infection with the hepatitis C virus as well, they can work wonders by reducing their blood sugar levels and losing weight. This is best done by following a grain free, gluten free and sugar free diet. For in-depth information see my book “Diabetes Type 2 – You Can Reverse It Naturally

Excess iron deposits in the liver can damage the liver and impair liver function. This is found in those with the genetic disorder of iron overload (hemochromatosis) or those with very high levels of inflammation.  High levels of iron in the liver can co-exist with hepatitis B or C infection and will worsen the liver damage. In such cases it is vital to have blood removed regularly (venesection) and this will remove the excess iron from the body; this must be organized by a medical doctor.

To overcome all of these problems, anti-viral drugs can only play a limited role. To treat the underlying causes we need to turn to the power of nutritional medicine. Over the past two decades there have been enormous advances in information in the scientific and medical literature linking incorrect nutrition and deficiencies to disease states. Dietary changes and the appropriate use of nutrients especially selenium and the herb milk thistle will reduce the risk of chronic liver disease. I have formulated Livatone Plus specifically to reduce inflammation in the liver, clear fat from the liver and strengthen your immune system for fighting viruses.

In many cases it is impossible to eradicate the Hepatitis C or B Viruses from the body and patients find it difficult to tolerate drug side effects. It is therefore not surprising that sufferers are turning towards naturopathic therapies to fight these viruses. Natural therapies will not usually be able to eradicate these viruses from the body; however they will help to reduce viral loads. This approach is very successful and can keep these viruses in a dormant or less harmful state so that they do not severely damage liver cells.

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