If you no longer have your gallbladder, you are probably not producing adequate bile. This can cause digestive problems, nutrient deficiencies, and make you feel nauseous after eating oily foods.

Taking an ox bile supplement should help to improve your digestion and make you feel more comfortable after meals. It can also help to dissolve stones inside the gallbladder, in people who still have theirs. Ox bile actually comes from bovine sources (cows) and it is purified and freeze dried to maintain its potency.

It helps to reduce pain and indigestion after meals and helps you digest fat more effectively. People with pale (tan colored) stools, bloating, indigestion and nausea have strong indicators of bile insufficiency. Taking an ox bile supplement is excellent for relieving these symptoms. If you suffer with dry skin and hair, you should find that ox bile helps improve those symptoms by enabling you to digest good fats more efficiently.

Ox bile must be taken with meals and a typical dose is 500 mg with each meal.