Beginning last summer (June 2011) I started having pain in my right side. It persisted for months and finally in September I went to the doctor. I had a CT scan that came back as severe fatty liver disease.

My doctor advised me to take action to reverse my fatty liver or face the possibility of permanently damaging my liver. I began researching the causes of fatty liver and eventually ordered Livatone Plus.

I have just finished my first bottle of Livatone Plus and went to my doctor to have blood work done. I just got my results and was so excited that I just had to tell you. My AST and ALT levels are down to 25 and 38! That is the lowest they have been in more than 10 years! I have energy again and my doctor is telling me I am well on my way to reversing my fatty liver.

I intend to continue taking Livatone Plus twice per day and continue eating a healthy diet.

Thad S, Charlotte, NC