Maria is a lovely long term patient at our clinic.  She originally saw me several years ago seeking help with weight loss.  She successfully lost 33 pounds (15 kilos) and made several improvements to her diet which she was able to maintain long term.  Maria had been able to maintain very good health and I only saw her when she brought her children in for consultations.

Maria is a graphic artist and she spends five days a week sitting at a computer and using a mouse.  Six months ago she developed a serious case of carpel tunnel syndrome in her right wrist.  The pain and numbness in her wrist and down the length of her thumb was so bad that it used to wake her from her sleep.  Maria had seen her physiotherapist who gave her exercises and stretches to perform and they helped perhaps five percent.  She also wore a wrist splint and used a specially designed mouse and mouse pad.  Unfortunately these remedies were not providing sufficient relief and Maria was becoming quite distressed about the pain and weakness in her right hand.  Her doctor offered her a cortisone injection but Maria had heard it wouldn’t offer long term relief, so she visited my clinic seeking help.

By the time I saw her, Maria was quite stressed about this ongoing problem.  She was worried about not being able to keep working at her computer and was frustrated at not being able to perform basic household chores on the weekends because of the pain.  She resorted to using anti-inflammatory drugs most days of the week but was scared about the effects they may be having on her stomach.

My recommendations for Maria

My first recommendation to Maria was to start on 4 Serrapeptase capsules per day.  I asked her to take 2 capsules first thing in the morning and 2 right before bed (as long as she didn’t snack on anything after dinner).  Serrapeptase must be taken on an empty stomach so the most appropriate times to take it are either first thing in the morning, last thing at night or between meals if it has been several hours since your last meal.  Serrapeptase has a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory action in the body and I was relying on this to give Maria symptom relief.

I went through Maria’s diet and noticed that some sugar, gluten and dairy products had crept back in recently.  All those foods promote inflammation in the body, so I advise you cut down or cut them out of your diet if you’re suffering with an inflammatory condition.

I gave Maria a magnesium supplement  in order to reduce muscle spasms in her hand, and to help her get a deeper, more relaxing sleep at night.  She was already taking fish oil capsules but only a small maintenance dose; I asked her to increase her dose to 3 capsules twice daily with meals for the time being.

6 weeks later

When I next saw Maria she practically skipped into my office.  She was so thrilled with the results in her carpel tunnel symptoms.  Her pain, numbness and weakness had improved by around 80 percent.  She was still taking it easy and trying to rest her right hand as much as possible on the weekends but this was the best her hand had felt since the problem began.  I told Maria she would be able to cut down her dose of Serrapeptase capsules to one or two a day in the next couple of months.  She chose to stay on a high dose for several months though, as she was scared the symptoms may return.

In this consultation Maria mentioned to me that she’d had a dramatic improvement in the varicose veins in her legs.  I was aware that serrapeptase is very effective for helping this condition, but Maria didn’t mention her varicose veins in her initial consultation because she thought there was nothing that could be done about them except surgery.

Maria used to get a heavy, dull ache in her legs and her ankles would become swollen if she stood for several hours.  She used to refer to her veins as “the worms in my legs” because the veins were so enlarged and swollen.  Maria was thrilled to see that the veins were almost no longer visible and her legs no longer ached.

Maria was so grateful to experience relief from her conditions and I was delighted to be able to offer such an effective remedy without harmful side effects.

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