Since 2005, a team of medical doctors and naturopaths have studied the effect of dietary changes, as well as the use of a specific liver formula LIVATONE PLUS to assist patients in the reduction of fatty liver and symptoms of liver dysfunction. The head researcher was Dr Sandra Cabot McRae MBBS, DRCOG.
This need for information regarding the reduction of fatty liver is a result of the rising number of people being affected by it, together with the limitations of medications for this type of liver injury. Our team noticed the escalation of fatty liver in their patients who often presented for seemingly unrelated conditions. This provided the inspiration to do a clinical study in patients with fatty liver.

Aim of Clinical Study

The aim of this study was to illustrate the result of a specific liver supplement and dietary regime over a 6-month period on liver tests and symptoms that indicated fatty liver.


This clinical study has provided evidence to indicate that liver injury caused by fatty liver, and fatty infiltration in itself, may be significantly reduced, when effective dietary and supplemental modifications, in particular LivaTone Plus, are implemented.

Considering that:

  • At present, there is no orthodox medical treatment, apart from weight loss, that is proven to effectively treat or manage fatty liver or its consequences.
  • Fatty liver is associated with diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
  • Fatty liver, and especially the more insidious form of fatty liver, known as Non-Alcoholic-Steatorrhoeic Hepatosis (NASH), may progress to severe liver disease.

There is an urgent need for proven, effective complementary medical protocols that cause no harm. Nutritional medicine is increasingly recognized by many health workers as being an extremely useful tool in achieving a reduction in morbidity and mortality rates for the epidemic of degenerative diseases and obesity now facing the developed world.