The Body Shaping Diet

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The Body Shaping Diet Book
The Body Shaping Diet Book

The Body Shaping Diet

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The Body Shaping Diet

  • How to recognise your body shape and change it! A long awaited breakthrough in weight control.  An explanation of the vital links between body shape, hormonal balance and weight.
  • Explores old myths and breaks new ground in weight control and diet. Your hormones are the keys to your body type, what you crave, and where you put on weight.

Find out how they are also the key to weight loss in this book.....a revolutionary approach to dieting and weight loss that addresses the needs of your body.


All women’s bodies belong to one of four types. These determine your trouble spots, and the foods that spell danger for your figure.


Often chubby since childhood, the lymphatic-shaped woman gains weight evenly all over- like Roseanne or Oprah. She craves dairy products and salty foods. Soft, cuddly, and often a couch potato, she just hates to exercise!


Her broad shoulders give her an athletic appearance- like Madonna or Cindy Crawford- and a spare tyre around the middle when she puts on weight. She loves high cholesterol hamburgers or steaks, and her excess pounds may mean excess facial and body hair too!


For the classic pear shaped woman, fat is stored in the buttocks and thighs.  Favourite foods are creamy cakes and sugary quick fixes- just ask Elizabeth Taylor or Julia Roberts. Most diets make her lose weight where she doesn’t want to - her breasts and face.


Lean and rangy, she has long legs, a long neck, and narrow hips like Princess Diana. She may have a propensity for eating disorders and she relishes energy boosters like caffeine, cigarettes, spicy foods or chocolate. No wonder she feels high-strung!

The Body Shaping Diet has many benefits!

With your own simple never-feel-hungry Body Shaping Diet Plan, you will discover the tools to attack those problem areas and overcome your cravings. And as well as fighting the flab, you will learn how to banish cellulite, boost your immune system and eat for a healthy heart!


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