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Thyroid Body Type

Your Body Type is Thyroid

Thyroid body type woman is characterized by a narrow streamlined shape with long limbs and fine bones. The long arms and legs produce a ‘thoroughbred racehorse look’. The breasts tend to be smallish although they may be moderate in size. Thyroid body type women are often tall, but even if they are not, they give the impression of being tall because of their long fine limbs. They have a ‘slender’ figure with a narrow waist and generally only small curves on the buttocks and thighs. They move gracefully and may be athletes, especially sprinters or basketball players, dancers or one of today’s models. Twiggy and Jerry Hall are the epitome of the thyroid body type. Their fingers and toes are long and fine to match their limbs and their necks are long and tend to be narrow. They could be described as ‘willowy’ meaning willow tree like and may have a fragile look about them. Their bones are small to average in size and the bone structure is clearly defined beneath a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. They are often bony in appearance with their ribs and bony protuberances (knobs) around their joints being very evident. If weight gain occurs, fat is first deposited around the abdomen and upper thighs with the upper part of the body remaining slim.

Following is the thyroid body type in women:
Thyroid Body Type

You are an Thyroid Body Type (T) and would benefit from T Body Type Weight Control Tablets
The Body Type Weight Control Supplements are tailor-made for your body type and are scientifically designed to balance the metabolism for your body shape.

Each of the four different Body Types has unique hormonal and metabolic characteristics.
That’s why Some people put on weight easily and others don’t!
It is possible however to change the distribution of fat and muscle in your body, not only with exercise, but also with the technique of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is best described as turning off or turning on certain genes by using specific supplements and foods. By regulating such genes we can change our metabolism, our biochemistry, our hormonal balance and in the long term our body shape. This is one of the ways in which the Body Type Weight Control supplements work.
The Body Type Weight Control Supplements are designed to support an efficient metabolism and hormonal balance for YOUR body type.

These are known as “T – Body Type Figure Control” Tablets
Thyroid women will benefit from “T – Body Type Figure Control” Tablets because they need to –

  • Improve the function of their adrenal glands thus producing increased and sustained energy levels.
  • Reduce cravings for stimulants and sugary foods, which will make it much easier to follow a healthy eating program
  • Reduce the lows in blood sugar levels and energy so typical of this body type
  • Increase the conversion of fat into muscle
  • Reduce stress levels

Extra Points for Thyroid women –

They should avoid artificial sweeteners, synthetic diet pills, smoking and excess levels of caffeine. They should avoid refined sugars found in white flour and white sugar. They will benefit from herbal teas containing chamomile and peppermint and dandelion coffee. Thyroid women need to eat regular meals containing complex carbohydrates (cereals, wholemeal breads, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, wholemeal pasta etc.) and protein from seafood, eggs, lean red meats, poultry, yoghurt and mild cheeses. Thyroid women need to do regular exercise to build up their bone density and increase muscle mass. Suitable exercises are brisk walking (with hand weights), aerobic workouts, yoga, Pilates, swimming and weight training.

Quicker Results
If you have a sluggish metabolism and want an even quicker results, we also recommend you take Dr Cabot’s METABOCEL tablets – take one before each meal with a glass of water.