New research shows scurvy can inhibit wound healing in diabetics. Vitamin C deficiency is referred to as scurvy. Typical symptoms include bleeding gums, easy bruising and depression. They are common symptoms that many people experience and don’t connect with vitamin C deficiency. Interestingly, scurvy is quite common in diabetics and can significantly delay the healing of wounds, particularly leg ulcers. Wounds that fail to heal can cause significant complications for older type 2 diabetics, such as amputations. Australian endocrinologists have said "Scurvy may be an overlooked cause of poorly healing foot ulcers in people with diabetes. Vitamin C deficiency was surprisingly common among patients attending a diabetes clinic who had delayed healing lower limb ulcers and a poor diet, diabetes specialists at Westmead Hospital in Sydney found.” Diabetics most likely to be vitamin C deficient were those on a low income, older age, smokers, alcoholics and those with kidney disease. According to Professor Jenny Gunton, co-author of the study, "Foot ulcers that had been present for between three months and two years healed within 2-3 weeks of patients starting vitamin C replacement therapy of 500-1000mg/day.” What a remarkable finding. It is very sad to see so many diabetic patients suffering needlessly. Vitamin C is such a safe and inexpensive solution. Vitamin C is present in all vegetables and fruits, but if your diet doesn’t contain a sufficient amount of these foods, I strongly suggest you take a vitamin C supplement. Reference