This is great news for anyone struggling with their weight, polycystic ovarian syndrome or type 2 diabetes.

Your body requires adequate vitamin K in order to help your blood to clot but it has far more benefits than that.

New research has shown that vitamin K helps to regulate glucose metabolism by converting to a substance called carboxylated osteocalcin in your body. This molecule helps to improve insulin sensitivity. The better your insulin sensitivity, the better able you are to control your blood sugar level. Good insulin sensitivity also means your blood insulin level will not get too high. That's highly desirable because high insulin promotes fat accumulation on your body and inhibits fat burning.

Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables. The good bugs in your intestines help to convert it into the more powerful vitamin K2. Many people do not make the conversion adequately because they suffer with poor digestive health and an overgrowth of harmful gut microbes.

Vitamin K2 insufficiency is very common because very few foods are a good source of this precious nutrient. If you are trying to lose weight or overcome insulin resistance, a vitamin K2 supplement may be beneficial for you.