Many people don’t realize that the state of their liver affects their appearance and not just their health! Now most of us have some vanity and at least like to look healthy as well as be healthy.

Do you know that if your liver is sluggish or fatty this can reflect in your appearance?

This can result in-

  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • A sallow complexion
  • A coated tongue and bad breath
  • Broken blood vessels (capillaries) on the face
  • Acne rosacea on the cheeks and chin
  • Brownish pigmentation on the skin of the face
  • Yellowish tint to the whites of the eyes
  • A puffy face

All in all, not a good look!

I have noticed in my patients and in myself that when I have been juicing and eating right and taking my liver tonic that the facial appearance improves. The eyes become clearer, dark circles under the eyes lessen, brown spots fade and acne rosacea clears up. This is because the liver is removing toxins 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the bloodstream, which otherwise can cause inflammation in the skin and eyes.

The liver is also breaking down hormones such as aldosterone, which can lead to fluid retention if allowed to build up in the bloodstream. If we examine the liver under a microscope it looks like a huge filter or sieve which filters out toxins, hormones, unhealthy cells and metabolic waste products from the bloodstream. Less of these substances translates to better skin and immune function.

Acne rosacea is often treated with long term antibiotics which lead to an overgrowth of the yeast candida albicans in the body and candida can cause red blotchy skin on the face, itchy rashes all over the body and abdominal bloating – once again not a good look. I prefer to treat acne rosacea with raw juices, a low sugar and gluten free diet and a good liver formula such as Livatone Plus.

Extra selenium can reduce the inflammation and infection in the pimples that characterize acne rosacea. A good probiotic can help a lot as well, because it helps to restore a healthy population of bacteria in the intestines. It is interesting to note that bad bacteria in the gut can lead to bad pro-inflammatory bacteria in the skin which leads to pimples and flushed capillaries.

Raw Juice Recipe for a clear complexion

Serves 1

½ beet, washed and trimmed
One handful basil
1 carrot
One handful parsley
½ inch fresh ginger
1 orange, peeled
1 lemon, peeled

Pass all ingredients through a juice extractor and drink.


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