This is not something most menopausal women are aware of. According to research published in the journal Menopause, caffeine consumption can worsen hot flashes and night sweats in 79% of perimenopausal women and 65% of postmenopausal women. This research was based on a study of 1800 women. The good news is, caffeine was found to improve memory, mood and cognitive function in these women.

Caffeine is found not only in coffee, but also in tea, energy drinks, dark chocolate and some herbal supplements targeted at weight loss. Some women suffer with very debilitating hot flashes and night sweats that leave them with long term broken sleep. This inevitably leads to exhaustion and depression. This can then drive increased caffeine consumption the next day, and so the vicious cycle continues.

It may be worth doing a one week trial with no caffeine, to see if it reduces hot flashes and night sweats for you. Coffee is the richest source of caffeine in most people’s diet, and it does have some health benefits. It’s actually very good for your liver. Magnesium helps to improve sleep quality and the herbs in FemmePhase capsules help to balance hormones and ease the symptoms of menopause. For other solutions to menopause symptoms, see our book Hormone Replacement The Real Truth.