It’s always a good day when the health benefits of coffee make the news. A new study has shown it increases lifespan in people diagnosed with liver disease.

Coffee has some pretty incredible benefits to the liver: it slows the formation of liver fibrosis (scarring), reduces the risk for hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer), even in people who don’t have cirrhosis, and it lowers overall mortality in people with or without liver disease.

Quality matters. For maximum health benefits (and taste), try to drink coffee made from freshly ground beans. That way you know you are getting a fresh, pure and potent product. It’s best to avoid sugar, particularly if you are concerned about your weight, insulin resistance or blood sugar level. If you want a healthy alternative to sugar, Nature Sweet sugar substitute is ideal.

Too much caffeine can be a problem, particularly for your adrenal glands, sleep quality and bone health. Research has shown that consuming no more than 400mg of caffeine daily has benefits. This is the amount present in four 8 ounce cups of regular coffee.

If you have been diagnosed with a liver condition, consuming coffee regularly can help to prevent the deterioration of your liver health. Long term inflammation in the liver can lead to scarring. Once scarring develops, the liver cells start to lose their ability to function properly. If you have elevated liver enzymes in a blood test, it means your liver is inflamed. You can read more about interpreting your liver test results here.

The Canadian Liver Foundation strongly advocates coffee to all individuals with liver disease. According to Gary Fagan, president of the Canadian Liver Foundation, “There is now significant evidence that coffee can help prevent liver disease with scientists learning and discovering more each day. Since many do not discover that they have liver disease until it reaches an advanced stage, it’s good to know that their daily coffee may actually be helping as opposed to hurting their livers”.

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