Great news: even very small amounts of exercise can help reverse fatty liver. For every 1000 steps per day increase, liver fat decreased by 0.87%. This finding was presented at the European Congress on Obesity and may give renewed incentive for the millions of people trying to overcome fatty liver.

The exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous; just moving around throughout the day is helpful. This is good news because many people with a fatty liver just don’t have the energy for intense exercise. They may also have pain or injuries that prohibit vigorous activity.

The authors of the study have said “These data have shown that the amount of time we spend engaging in structured exercise does not predict health status. We reveal an emerging trend in overall physical activity levels that indicate moving about more throughout the day (for example, breaking up long periods of sitting) is perhaps more important”.

According to Kelly Bowden-Davies, MSc, at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, “In these individuals, sedentary behavior and daily step counts are important determinants of the amount of liver fat and, in turn, of metabolic health status”. Metabolic health refers to levels of insulin resistance. Most people with a fatty liver have syndrome X. They have raised blood levels of insulin, and this prompts their liver to manufacture excess fat. This fat can be stored in the liver and other common storage sites such as the abdomen and buttocks. Exercise helps reduce insulin levels, and in this way fights fatty liver.

How else can you get insulin levels down and reverse fatty liver? Eat less carbohydrate. Sugar and carbs promote the pancreas to secrete insulin. There is an easy to follow low carb eating plan in my weight loss book. Taking a berberine supplement and a good liver tonic to increase fat burning within the liver are other effective ways for reversing fatty liver.