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How to lose weight with a fatty liver

Losing weight is a slow and difficult process for most people.  However, for individuals with a fatty liver it is even more challenging.  Fatty liver is an extremely common problem that affects approximately one in five people.  If you carry excess abdominal weight you probably have a fatty liver yourself; your doctor just hasn’t diagnosed it yet.

One of the main jobs of the liver is to burn off excess body fat and get rid of it through the gallbladder and out in bowel motions.  Unfortunately a fatty liver cannot achieve this task very well.  A fatty liver is doing the opposite of what it should be – it is accumulating fat.  Luckily there are several ways to overcome this obstacle and achieve weight loss.

People with a fatty liver have a slow metabolic rate.  They usually also suffer with syndrome X (metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance), and they often have a sluggish thyroid gland.  Combine that with fatigue and poor sleep and you can clearly see how it becomes almost impossible to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Here are my tips for getting your liver to burn fat again:

  • Reduce the sugar, carbohydrate and bad fats in your diet.  These foods are what creates a fatty liver in the first place.  Most people with a fatty liver got one because they ate more carbohydrate than their liver could process.  Carbohydrate rich foods include sugar, flour, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, breakfast cereals and grains.  The liver is very proficient at converting these foods into fat.  The other food that promotes the formation of a fatty liver is omega 6 rich vegetable oil.  Fried foods and packaged foods like crisps, chips, crackers and cookies are usually full of the wrong fats.
  • Base your diet on vegetables, protein and good fats.  These foods will keep you feeling full and will keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day.  This is very important in order to prevent hypoglycaemia, sugar cravings, foggy head and fatigue.  Many people trying to lose weight actually don’t eat enough protein and fat.  They are in such a rush to lose weight and want to reach their goal tomorrow, that they eat too little food.  This is dangerous territory because you will be at far greater risk of binging on all the wrong foods once you get tired and hungry enough.  When eating protein rich foods like fish, poultry or red meat, please eat a palm and a half sized portion.  Whey protein powder is an excellent source of protein that’s highly satiating. It will help to keep you feeling full for many hours and reduces the risk of sugar cravings. Please include good fats in your diet like olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds and oily fish such as salmon.  People who don’t eat enough protein and fat usually crave sugar and carbohydrate.  There is an easy to follow eating plan in my book Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It.
  • Take a good quality liver tonic.  Diet changes will work on their own eventually, but you should reach your goal weight sooner, and feel more energetic sooner if you take a good quality liver tonic.  Livatone Plus contains the nutrients your liver needs in order to burn fat efficiently and detoxify your bloodstream.
  • Check if you have diabetes or syndrome X.  Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing disease and approximately half of the people who have it don’t realise because they haven’t been diagnosed yet.  See your doctor and ask for a fasting blood glucose test to check if you have diabetes.  Syndrome X is even more common.  If you have a large waist, then you have syndrome X.  If you have a more advanced case of syndrome X, you have high blood pressure, high blood triglycerides, low good cholesterol (HDL) and high bad cholesterol (LDL).  Diabetes and syndrome X make weight loss extremely difficult because of the elevated blood insulin which is a feature of these conditions.  The herbs and nutrients in Glicemic Balance capsules help to lower insulin, thereby making weight loss easier.
  • Eat more raw vegetables.  No matter where you live it is important to eat raw food such as salad every day.  Try to eat as many different colored vegetables as possible because the pigments in vegetables are antioxidants and they each have unique benefits.  Your liver and bowels need the nutrients in raw vegetables to function at their optimum. It is well worth adding raw juices to your diet – check out my Raw Juices Can Save Your Life book for recipe ideas.

Weight loss takes more time and commitment for those with a fatty liver, but with the right technique it is definitely achievable.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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  1. Did ALt is also consider as a fate lever .

    • Hi Saqib,

      To diagnose fatty liver we recommend you get a liver function test which includes AST and ALT.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant for Liverdoctor.com

  2. I recently was diagnosed with fatty liver, I am 52 years old and have hypertension as well. Still I have been dieting but wasn’t aware that potatoes, any kind of rice was bad. I started feeling sick again and really concern about the pain am getting. Even though I did cut down on my sugar intake such as soft drinks and any type of sweets. I have been losing the weight but I think I still need more information how what I can eat and the amount of portions. Being a late bloomer I feel that keeping healthy and eating healthy is important for myself and to set an example to my daughter. Tell, me what else can I do to better this and what else does this effect my body that I can try my best to make it better for myself.

    Desperate& scared

    • Hi Sylvia,

      When trying to reverse a fatty liver we recommend you eliminate all grains, sugar, processed food and takeout meals.
      There is an excellent diet plan in Dr Cabot’s free e-book on fatty liver.
      Dr Cabot recommends you take
      Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily to improve liver function.
      N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) 2 caps twice daily at least 2 hours away from food, if any upset occurs please take with meals. NAC is the precursor to glutathione; the body’s most potent antioxidant. This supplement works well with Livatone Plus to get the liver better faster.
      These supplements are available here: https://shop.liverdoctor.com/
      Let us know how you get on.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant for Liverdoctor.com

  3. The Division is launching an STD campaign to encourage everyone to Get #TeSTD.

  4. HI there i have a very hard time understanding what to eat besides veggies and fruits and chicken fish and sea food i was told im Ii dont no how to check the ingredients etc , i feel hopeless i really need help, i try understanding but i dont no what to buy i feel a little dumb cause i dont no what im doing could you email me a list please im desperately in need of help.. my name is kim and my email is mattdude25@hotmail.com please help , thank you for your time

    • Hi Kimberly,

      We recommend you purchase Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      It contains a very specific menu plan with recipes included.
      You can purchase it here: http://shop.liverdoctor.com/fatty-liver-you-can-reverse-it.html
      We recommend you read this article for further info: https://www.liverdoctor.com/what-should-you-eat-if-you-have-fatty-liver/

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant for Liverdoctor.com

    • Hi Kim, I am a 61 year old man and had the same experience as you. Too many diets, too much information to digest (pardon the pun) all very confusing and all very helpfull but which food do I actually eat to help make me healthy and that is sustainable for life. I found my answer recently when I watched ‘What the Health’ by Kip Andersen. You can see this on Netflix and I am sure it is on Youtube. My solution was in front of me all these years and and couldn’t see it. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis along with fatty liver mainly from the toxic medications I need and a host of other health problems. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars going from doctor to doctor and various tests as well as some health practitioners wanting me to spend hundreds of dollars to buy lotions and potions to fix this or that. I have been following Kip Andersen’s knowledge (he is not selling nor pushing anything , it is up to each individual if you want to live longer with a better quality of life) for a week and I have uncovered a monumental change to my body. The best thing about it is that it is a cheaper way to live and very healthy. I know my body and I know I have good and bad days and I can tell you that I feel much better than even the best of past days than I have in decades. The main thing is to make sure you are monitored by your doctor, who may say that this is nonsense, but only you can make the choice. Watch the documentary and make up your own mind. Best of luck to you. Been there and done that.

  5. I am 30 year old female with under active thyroid. Weigh 209 and only 5 ft 1 inch tall… with fatty liver… I am on Levothyroxin 112 Mcg and Topamax 100 MG daily.. Only drink 2 cups of coffee in the morning with 1 sugar each and water the rest of the day… its very hard for me to lose weight… Any suggestions…

    • Hi Jessica,

      It is important to reverse the fatty liver. Your liver is supposed to be the organ in your body that burns fat but your liver is storing fat instead. The free information on this page should help you: https://www.liverdoctor.com/liver/fatty-liver/
      It is important to follow a lower carbohydrate, higher protein and healthy fat diet.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant for Liverdoctor.com

  6. I was diagnosed with fatty liver in august of 2016, however my doctor has not said another word about it accept that I need to loose weight. My stomach seems enlarged all the time. I’ve changed my diet. I eat plenty of leafy vegetables. I don’t drink alcohol or any carbonated drinks, but I have started drinking coffee. I am 46 and the mother of four. The youngest is 11 soon to be 12. I’m at 287 pounds. Loosing weight is so hard and I get depressed just thinking about it. Was hospitalized twice in 2016 for pancreas flare ups. Is there anything I can do.

    Depressed and downhearted

    • Hi Harriett,

      Dr Cabot recommends

      Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily to improve liver function and NAC 2 caps twice daily at least 2 hours away from food as this works well with Livatone Plus to hasten liver healing. If NAC causes any stomach irritation take it with food. Livatone Plus also helps to promote weight loss.

      Tyrosine may help with depressive symptoms, Dr Cabot recommends 1 tsp twice daily on an empty stomach.

      These supplements can be purchased at Liverdoctor: https://shop.liverdoctor.com

      I recommend you follow the eating principles in Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.

      When trying to reverse a fatty liver it is important to avoid high fructose corn syrup, sugar and all processed foods.
      Here’s a link to a helpful article: https://www.liverdoctor.com/5-ways-to-reverse-fatty-liver/

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant at Liverdoctor.com

    • Hi Harriet and Jessa! So, your question and answers have also helped me in my research! I have a multitude of digestive issues, along with diabetes and fibromyalgia! So, am trying to change diet, in order to have energy, lose weight, sleep, and clear the complexion! So, with the weight being around 270, I too, have been encouraged by doctor to lose weight. Maybe the protein powders will help me along with the Livatone Plus 2, NAC 2, and eliminate the false energy foods. Searching Good Food Habits at 60! Thanks…. Linda 01.31.17!

  7. IAM 65 year old 340lbs diebetic, woman with a fatty liver. I can’t seem to lose ANY weight or sleep at night. No matter what diet program I try THE WEIGHT WONT GO!. I also take thyroid meds, and have a gallbladder that doesn’t bother me anymore because it is dormant now .Young in spirits and mind, and desire to live a better healthier and happy for whatever time I have left to live.. I’m so glad I stubbled upon your site. Now I realize without addressing my fatty liver, I am spinning my wheels trying to reduce. Please help me. Thank You

  8. Hey my name is affan and I’m suffering from fatty liver disease my doctor showed me NAFLD (non alcoholic fatty liver disease) reason I’m a banker I use to sit approx 10 hours in daily routine my liver SGPT report shows my level of liver is 85 I don’t have any diet plan so kindly suggest the needful and I’m a bodybuilder.

    • Dear Syed,

      You should take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily and NAC caps 2 twice daily at least 2 hours away from food.
      Livatone Plus promotes liver detoxification and helps with weight loss, NAC works well with Livatone Plus to optimise liver function.
      This article outlines what you should be eating: https://www.liverdoctor.com/what-should-you-eat-if-you-have-fatty-liver/
      For more information see Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Sales & Nutrition Consultant

  9. I do eat a ton of raw and cooked vegetables and have gotten off all the cheese, white breads, pasta, potatoes that my doctor took me off. I only eat chicken, turkey and fish like the doctor told me and have even eaten smaller portions of the meats I am allowed plus larger portions of vegetables. I walk a lot too. I have done all I can for about a year now and even take Synthroid 0.50 mcg. now daily. I just don’t know what else I can do to get rid of the weight.

    • Dear Rose,

      Your diet does sound good, have you eliminated sugar from your diet?
      It would speed it along a lot more if you were to start taking Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily for liver detoxification and to promote weight loss.
      You should also take NAC caps 2 twice daily at least 2 hours away from food, this works well with Livatone Plus to get your liver better faster and promotes liver healing.
      For more information you should purchase our book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      These can all be purchased from http://www.liverdoctor.com.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Sales & Nutrition Consultant

    • Eliminate all grains and sugars. Get carbs from raw fruits and veggies. Add all nuts, except peanuts, to diet, they’re full of healthy fats, will keep you full and help reduce cravings.

  10. Hi, I no longer have my thyroid and my gall bladder was removed. I was diagnosed with fatty liver. Can’t lose weight.Will it be possible on your plan given my lack of thyroid and gall bladder?

    • Dear Lisa,

      You can definitely follow this eating plan.
      You will need to avoid grains, sugar, dairy and processed foods.
      Take Livatone Plus caps 2 twice daily and NAC 2 caps twice daily, but at least 2 hours away from food.
      You should also take Ox Bile, 1 in the middle of every meal.
      This will help facilitate bile flow as this will be affected now that your gallbladder has been removed.
      You should follow the eating plan in Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      There is also helpful information in Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Save Your Gallbladder Naturally and What to Do If You’ve Already Lost It’.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Sales & Nutrition Consultant

  11. Hi, I am working to help people that are losing weight. Some may have liver problems and possibly a fatty liver. Can I refer them to your site for more in-dept information

  12. I’m a 38yo male. My problem is weight, clocking over 110 kgs for 5 8″ height. I’m not addicted to any thing. No smoking or alcoholic beverage intake; but consumes carbonated drink once in while as to say once or twice a week. As I’m staying alone & working abroad; with a tight work schedule; exercising is difficult. My total cholesterol was 143; & sugar 108 when I had checked 6 months ago. My weight goes on increasing; despite myself cutting on drinks. The thyroid test done at that time proved to be okay as per the doctor.

    I usually begin the day with one or two glasses of water. Then I’m ready for office; I have my breakfast.
    The next meal usually goes in between 12 & 4 as I feel the hunger pangs. Usually my food in the night is after 9’clock but sees that I go to sleep nearly an hour after food.

    I don’t consume pork; but have all other meat, fish & vegetables.

    Never felt constipation or bloating. Once checked by a gym trainer & found out that I’ve 56% muscular build.

    Still wy am I still not losing weight.

    • Dear Sakeer,

      What’s your diet like?
      It sounds like you could have a fatty liver which makes it extremely difficult to lose weight.
      You need to get a liver function test and an ultrasound scan to diagnose a fatty liver.
      I recommend you take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily and NAC 2 caps twice daily.
      You need to avoid refined grains, sugar and processed foods.
      You need to consume good protein sources, fat sources and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
      I recommend you purchase our book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      The supplements and book can be purchased from http://www.liverdoctor.com.

      Kind Regards,

  13. Hello i am daignosed with fatty liver grade 2-3.
    I am smoker and drinker and my BMI is also high. kindly advise how to reverse it i have been exercising for 2 mnths amd managed to control
    My diet and lost about 5 KG in last 2 months.
    Still i want to loose more wieght as well i have
    Concerns whether loosing wieght cure the fatty liver???

    Kindly advise as i am still worried about it.

    • Dear Shantesh,

      To reverse fatty liver you need to take Livatone Plus 2 capsules twice daily and NAC twice daily.
      These are available from http://www.liverdoctor.com.
      I would recommend you quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake to improve your liver function and overall health.
      For more info you should read Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      Exercise is important, but dietary changes are crucial.
      You will need to avoid sugar, refined foods and processed foods, or reduce them.
      You need to focus on eating good protein, good fats and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
      Let us know how you get on.

      Kind Regards,

  14. I have been diagnosed today with a fatty liver. I am very worried as I was told that it could turn to cirrhosis of the liver. I have been drinking up to a bottle of gin a week. I am now going to stop drinking with my husbands help. I am a vegetarian, I want to lose weight and get rid of the fat in my liver. Please can you help me.

    • Dear Sarah,

      Fatty liver can be reversed.
      You need to avoid sugar, grains, alcohol and processed foods.
      If you need help giving up alcohol, please refer to Wendy Perkin’s website:http://www.couragetochange.com.au
      Focus on eating foods high in protein, good fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables.
      I would recommend our Livatone Plus – 2 caps twice daily and NAC 2 caps twice daily.
      Raw juicing is excellent also.
      I recommend you read our book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.

      Kind Regards,

  15. I’m a 38 yo male. I have had high cholesterol for around 13 years and genetically runs in my family along with thyroid issues. At the time of diagnoses I weighted 160 lbs, I’m 5’9″, was on a rigorous gym program and played and coached soccer 5 days a week. My blood pressure is always on the low end. I was put on a medication to lower my cholesterol that worked moderately. After 8 years of being on daily mess for the cholesterol,my doctor took me off meds stating genetic cholesterol was deemed a lesser risk factor. 2 years later I switched doctors. Since that time my cholesterol hovered around 250.
    Last month at my yearly physical, my cholesterol came in at 298, my triglycerides were 215 and my liver enzymes were double the limit. My doctor has since given me a ultrasound to check for liver damage, which was negative and has determined I have a fatty liver. At the time I was 190 lbs, moderately active, by no means obese and don’t drink acohol but once every few months. I have switched to a zero red meat diet, pure veggies, oats, grains, fruits, nuts, beans, lean chicken and fish. I have zero soda in my diet and drink water and black teas, but still have 2-3 cups of coffee (can’t give up everything). All my sweeteners are done by fruit or honey now. I take 1 mens’ daily vitamin, 2 400ug vitamin D, and 4 garlic oil gel tabs. In the last three weeks I have lost 12 lbs and increased to a daily exersize program. My doctor refuses to prescribe any medications till my liver enzymes are under control. With my personal and genetic history of high cholesterol should I insist on medication to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides? I’m having no issues losing weight, but feel that the fatty liver won’t fade away till the biggest factors causing it are under control.
    Thanks for any input.

  16. I have a fatty liver. Should I lose weight slowly or quickly?
    Is bariiatric surgery recommended when you have this liver disorder?

    • Dear Diana,

      I have attached an article on Bariiatric surgery for you to read: https://www.cabothealth.com.au/weight-loss-surgery-things-consider/
      You can reverse it, and as your liver becomes healthy again, weight loss will occur naturally.
      You need to eliminate sugar and white flour foods from your diet.
      Having a diet high in vegetables and good quality protein is essential.
      You can get good quality protein from meat, eggs, cheese, poultry and fish.
      Try raw juicing.
      The best ingredients to juice are parsley, basil, mint, carrot, kale, cucumber, beet, green apple. lemon, orange and ginger.
      You should take:
      Livatone Plus – 2 caps twice daily
      NAC- 2 caps twice daily well away from food
      See Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      Kind Regards,


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