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What Should You Be Eating If You Have a Fatty Liver?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is now the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide and will have a major impact on the health care requirements of many countries in the future.  NAFLD can progress to cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. These are the reasons I have done a lot of research into the diet and nutritional therapies that can reverse the pathology of NAFLD.

The liver possesses remarkable properties of repair and renewal and it is possible to completely reverse NAFLD if it is detected early enough. We are seeing NAFLD in a much younger population and it is not uncommon in overweight children.  This is worrying because the earlier in life you develop a fatty liver, the more likely you are to develop complications.

I have developed a very specific way of eating, which is designed to:

  • Reduce the fat in the liver
  • Minimize liver damage
  • Improve the function of insulin
  • Make weight loss easier

This is not a low-fat low-calorie diet, and unlike those old fashioned diets, will not leave you hungry and tired. It is not a high protein diet either but rather provides you with first class protein regularly throughout the day, along with plenty of vegetables and some good fats.
Enjoy this way of eating, as your liver will definitely thank you for it!

With your meals it is ideal to include:

  1. Raw plant food, especially raw vegetables. A maximum of 2 pieces of fruit daily are allowed while you are trying to lose weight. Most fruits are fairly high in sugar.  Vegetables contain very little sugar, therefore you can eat unlimited quantities.
  2. Cooked vegetables of different varieties including some starchy vegetables (except potatoes); this will compensate for the fact that you will not be eating bread, biscuits and sugary desserts.
  3. First class protein from one or more of the following choices –
    Any seafood, canned or fresh (not smoked or deep-fried)
    Lean fresh red meats
    Eggs – organic or free range
    Legumes (beans, chickpeas or lentils) & raw nuts & seeds
    Protein powder – make sure it does not contain sugar; ideally use Synd-X Slimming Protein powder which is sweetened with the herb stevia. You can use this powder to make delicious smoothies.

Extra Tip:
Satisfy your hunger
You may eat enough to satisfy your natural hunger at every meal and snack. Those who work in occupations requiring high physical exertion or those who do a lot of sport will need to eat larger amounts. Listen to your body and follow your natural instincts when it comes to the amount of food you need to eat to feel satisfied and happy. It is not how much you eat that counts, it is what you are eating that is so important for your liver and insulin levels.

Quick easy healthy snacks

Healthy in between meal snacks may include –

  1. Canned seafood (sardines, salmon, mackerel, crab meat or tuna) – one small can mixed with the juice of ½ a fresh lemon or 1 Tbsp of natural yoghurt and fresh chopped herbs.
  2. A protein smoothie made with coconut milk or almond milk and 3 tablespoons fresh or frozen berries.
  3. Raw nuts and seeds of any variety by themselves, or with 1 piece of fresh fruit. Fresh nuts are best and you can add salt to them if desired. Use one handful of nuts maximum.
  4. Raw vegetables – good examples are carrot, cucumber, zucchini, or celery sticks, or broccoli florets dipped into tahini, hummus or freshly mashed avocado.
  5. Raw fruit – one to two pieces of fruit by itself – or with 10 raw nuts or plain yoghurt.
  6. Avocado Dip or Bean Dip with sticks of raw vegetables or par-steamed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower.
  7. A raw vegetable juice – one glass full.

Remember to stay away from or minimize the following danger foods–

  • Sugar and candy; some cheap chocolates contain hydrogenated vegetable oils which are most unhealthy. If you do indulge in a little chocolate the best types are dark chocolate with a minimum of 70 percent cocoa solids.
  • Foods containing flour.
  • “Diet foods” that claim to be slimming – they are usually low in fat and high in sugar or artificial sweeteners, eg. Diet yogurts, diet jams, diet ice-cream, diet sodas, etc; These diet foods are not slimming; they are very fattening.
  • Fried snacks – such as potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers, etc.
  • Pizza
  • Fried take away foods.
  • Biscuits – both sweet and savoury varieties, as they contain flour, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and if sweet will be high in sugar.
  • Crumpets, muffins, bagels, white bread and donuts.

My book Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It contains an easy to follow eating plan with recipes specifically designed to reverse a fatty liver.  If you have been diagnosed with a fatty liver, you should find that you get faster results if you combine the right diet with a good liver tonic.

liver check guideDownload Liver Diet Guide

Liver diet guide contains delicious recipes, shopping tips, the types of food to avoid when you detox, raw juicing recipes, tips on eating out and lots of other really helpful information. Click here to download our PDF version.

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  1. I am a 48 year old woman who had just been diagnosed with
    A fatty liver. I don’t know where to start to help reverse
    This…can any one help me or give me recommendations
    Please ✝️

    • Dear Glynis,

      You will need to eliminate all sugar, grains and processed foods.
      Focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, good protein and good fats.
      Good protein sources include eggs, lean red meat, poultry, deep sea fish and legumes (vegetarian protein).
      Good fat sources include deep sea fish, avocados and raw nuts and seeds.
      Raw juicing is also excellent.
      I recommend you take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily and NAC 2 caps twice daily.
      Take the NAC at least 2 hours away from food.
      For more information see our book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.
      Let us know how you get on.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Sales & Nutrition Consultant

  2. how to control fatty liver and weight loss I control the food and every day walking 40 mints but no result. please advice me.

    • Dear Naveen,

      Fatty liver occurs when excess fat accumulates inside liver cells. This fatty infiltration slows down the metabolism of body fat stores, which means that the liver burns fat less efficiently, resulting in weight gain and inability to lose weight.
      For weight loss and fatty liver you need to eliminate grains, sugar and processed foods.
      I recommend you take Livatone Plus 2 caps twice daily and NAC 2 caps twice daily.
      Take the NAC 2 hours away from food.
      These supplements are all available at http://www.liverdoctor.com
      You need to focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, good protein sources and good fats.
      For more information check out Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It’.

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Sales & Nutrition Consultant

    • Thank You so so much for the reply & info means A LOT the me

  3. Dear Jessah,

    In February of this year I finished 18 months of chemo therapy then surgery then radiation and final more chemo for Stage III Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (breast cancer). I am still in remission as far as I know, but for the past two months I have felt awful, no energy, poor sleep, nausea, no appetite or when I do feel hungry, 2 or 3 bites is all I can handle yet I am packing on weight every single week and my abdomen is terribly distended and painful, not horrible pain, just pretty constant. My doctor ordered a CT of my abdomen which showed a partially contracted gallbladder, sent me to a surgeon who ordered an ultrasound of my gallbladder. I just got the report today. The only thing mentioned about my gallbladder is that it is fully distended and there is a comet tail along the gallbladder wall. Will research and find out what in the world that is, but the report said I have fatty liver disease. Now, i am not a drinker. I might have a few glasses of Baileys Irish Creme during the Christmas season but not even that this past Christmas 2015 because chemo made it taste awful. What I definitely am guilty of is eating too much sugar, like daily sodas and pre packaged oatmeal. Plus, my husband stopped drinking six months ago and for the past four months has been keeping ice cream in the house and I have been eating that every day. My cholesterol is very high and am on medication for that. My triglycerides are also very high and no, I don’t think I spelled that word correctly. So, I guess what I’m saying to you is that I did this to myself. I am 63 years old. My liver is now screaming at me that it’s time and past time to stop eating like a five year old kid. My problem is I have no idea what to eat, or how often to eat it. I tried for a few hours before I found you to figure out some kind of eating plan but even though I have not been poisoned with chemo since February, what they did give me has made it feel like somebody took a piece of sandpaper and sanded away the edges of my brain. By that I mean, before chemo I had an enviable intellect, bosses adored me and people said I had a “rapier wit”. Not anymore. That’s why I use the sandpaper analogy. I’m not “sharp” anymore. My oncologist says it’s chemo brain and may or may not go away in time. I think that’s why everything I read earlier about eating to help a fatty liver was so confusing. What I need is a book that isn’t so scientific that I can’t comprehend it. I need some source, and books have always been my go-to source, that will teach me not only what to eat but how much of it to eat and how often to eat it. I wear dentures, so there is a lot of really great raw foods I can’t chew anymore but I do have a food processer. I am afraid to eat or drink anything except water because I don’t know what to put in my body. The book you have mentioned here to several others, would that be the book for me and if so, what is the fastest way to get my hands on it. I have been cautioned that only a liver biopsy will tell us if it’s actually breast cancer that has spread to my liver but I’m not going to have that done. There is no cure for liver cancer and I am not going to let them make me sick as a dog again just to give myself a few more months of life, especially if I’m going to be sick through that extra time. My older sister died just last week from colon cancer that had spread to her liver. Because of her very weak heart and her advanced age, she and her oncologist came to the mutual decision that she would be much better off just to take the six months she had left and spend it feeling as well as possible with pain control. She was amazing through it all. I am not worried about it being cancer. If it is, then it is, and that is something that is so big, I can’t worry about it. I usually only worry about things I believe I can control or change…like this fatty liver. I will be hoping to hear from you very, very soon and thank you in advance for any assistance, wisdom, facts, etc., you may be able to provide me.

    • Dear Gay,

      You have come to the right place.
      The book you need is ‘Fatty Liver You Can Reverse It’.
      You will need to avoid sugar and grains.
      Focus on eating good sources of protein, good fats and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
      Raw juicing is excellent also, for more info see our book ‘Raw Juices Can Save Your Life’.
      I also recommend you take 2 caps of Livatone Plus a day and NAC 2 caps twice a day.
      These supplements and the two books I mentioned are all available from http://www.liverdoctor.com.
      Let us know how you get on.

      Kind Regards,

  4. I have been staying on this all veggie diet trying to reverse my fatty liver but my brain don’t feel right and my levels keep going up instead of down I have not had any carbs or fat in two weeks I’m exhausted mentally and physically please help.

    • Dear Laura,

      It is no surprise you are so exhausted from eating only raw veggies.
      You need to have protein, good fats and good carbohydrates for energy and to function properly.
      You need to change your diet.

      Kind Regards,


  5. Joan Roling, RN, BSN

    Does Dr. Cabot’s book contain meal plans, me use and recipes?

    What is the best “all in one” publication to use as a resource?

    • Dear Joan,

      Yes, there are plenty of recipes in ‘The Liver Cleansing Diet’ and ‘Healthy Bowel, Healthy Body’.

      Kind Regards,


  6. I need to know how to reverse fatty liver

    • Hi Lolita,

      I would recommend purchasing Dr Cabot’s book: ‘Fatty Liver: You can reverse it’.

      This can be purchased at liverdoctor.com.

      Kind Regards,


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