Dear Dr Cabot

I am troubled with migraine headaches that come the week before my menstrual bleeding is due. Once my bleeding starts the headache goes away. I have to take strong pain killers and I am worried about my kidneys and liver. My period is a little heavy and can be painful. I tried to take the oral contraceptive pill to see if this would help, but it made the headaches worse! Please help!

Dear Amy

You are experiencing menstrual migraines that are due to the following causes –
Fluctuations in the levels of progesterone during the pre-menstrual week
Release of inflammatory chemicals from your uterus during the pre-menstrual week

To reduce these migraines I suggest the following –

Keep a menstrual calendar so that you know exactly when the headaches occur
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
Start to drink raw vegetable juices, as these will help your liver function. The liver always has a lot to do with migraines, especially if they are associated with nausea.
Increase the intake of essential fatty acids in your diet from fish oil, oily fish, avocados, freshly ground flaxseeds, cold pressed olive oil, raw nuts and seeds.
Eat first class protein three times daily, as this will stabilize your blood sugar levels and provide plenty of amino acids to manufacture neuro-transmitters
Avoid excess amounts of foods/beverages high in sugar and caffeine
Natural progesterone cream containing natural progesterone 30 to 50mg daily would really reduce the headaches.
If you feel nauseated with the headaches, improve your liver function with Livatone Plus
Try to have a head and neck massage during the pre-menstrual week