Menopause means a pause in menstruation but not a pause in life.

Today the average life span of a woman is over 80 years and it may surprise you to know that the average life span of a woman at the turn of the 20th century (the year 1900) was only 50 years.

What do we desire as we get older?
•    Plenty of energy
•    A sharp mind
•    A happy spirit and plenty of passion
•    The absence of disease

And we want to look good! Well, plastic surgery can help but it can also go awfully wrong. We need to keep our cells healthy on the inside or the ravages of time will take their toll, even after plastic surgery.

Many women complain to me about thinning hair, dry skin and, of course, wrinkles! We know that wrinkles are a part of aging; our character lines so to speak. I am not a fan of botox as you are injecting a toxin into your skin and you have to keep doing it – well that’s not for me!

So what can we do to slow down aging and keep our cells younger?

Our cells are constantly renewing themselves and damage in our DNA and cell membranes can be repaired with the correct nutrients. I have formulated FemmePhase as a herbal and multi mineral and vitamin supplement to help our cells repair themselves. It is a combination of essential nutrients all combined together in a capsule for easy absorption from the intestines.

FemmePhase contains a mixture of herbs to balance the hormones and to provide extra natural estrogens. It also contains wild yam to improve the libido. It contains kelp to provide the mineral iodine which supports thyroid function and this help the metabolism. Calcium and other minerals are provided to support bone metabolism. Our bodies need extra minerals as due to soil degradation, food processing and digestive disorders, the problem of mineral deficiencies has become widespread. FemmePhase is designed to provide the extra minerals your bones, hair and nails require as you get older. Extra B vitamins are included in FemmePhase to help you cope with stress and fatigue.

The importance of omega 3 fats

As we get older our body requires more omega 3 fatty acids to keep our cell membranes healthier. If we are low in omega 3 fatty acids we will find that our skin, eyes and hair become dry and we have more aches and pains – this is known as fibromyalgia. So it becomes vitally important to increase the amount of omega 3 fats we consume regularly.

Where can we find these precious omega 3 fatty acids ?

Good sources include fish oil, krill oil, walnuts, ground flaxseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds. I recommend a supplement of krill oil daily to provide concentrated omega 3 fatty acids.

Try to eat more oily foods such as mackerel, tuna, trout, sardines and salmon and canned fish is easy and healthy. Purchase these oily fish in water or brine as the vegetable oil found in canned fish is not usually good quality. Coconut oil and coconut milk also provide healthy fats. Try to eat plenty of avocados as they are very high in natural vitamin E, which is anti-aging.

Keeping your bones strong

Osteoporosis is a common problem in post menopausal women and can be tested with a DEXA Bone Mineral Density test which measures the density of the bones in the hips and spine.

If your bone density is low, you must try to increase it to prevent bone fractures in later life.

Check your blood levels of vitamin D and make sure that they are towards the upper limit of the normal range. You can take all the calcium in the world, but if your vitamin D blood level is low, the calcium is useless because it will not enter your bones.

FemmePhase contains vitamin D, but you may need to take extra vitamin D if your blood vitamin D level is low. To get it up quickly take vitamin D3 in a dose of 5,000 units daily and remember that you must take vitamin D with food, as it is a fat-soluble vitamin.

After 3 months of taking FemmePhase and increasing the essential fats in your diet, you will see the difference in your energy levels and your hair, skin and nails.