A fast metabolic rate is high up on nearly everyone’s wish list. Your metabolism controls the rate at which your body burns calories, but it also determines your energy level.

People with an efficient metabolism find it relatively easy to maintain a healthy weight and they usually have high energy levels that are consistent right through the day. If you are feeling tired and sluggish, that’s a hint your metabolism is not efficient.

Many different factors affect your metabolic rate. Unfortunately you can’t do anything about your genes or your age, but there are plenty of modifiable factors that are under your control. The foods you choose to eat each day can either speed up your metabolism or slow it down.


Best foods for your metabolism

Green vegetables, especially broccoli

You already know that vegetables are good for your health. They help to protect your immune system from infections and serious diseases, but they also provide your liver with the nutrients it requires for efficient fat metabolism. Your liver is a powerful fat burner and vegetables provide it with the nutrients necessary for this job. Green vegetables are low in carbohydrate and high in fiber, so they will keep you full while providing very few calories. Broccoli is especially good for your metabolism because it is an excellent source of the mineral chromium. Chromium helps to keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day and in that way reduces hunger and cravings. If you have a thyroid problem it’s best to cook broccoli before eating it. Raw broccoli contains goitrogens which can inhibit iodine absorption and therefore promote an under active thyroid gland. Thyroid Health Capsules contain iodine and other nutrients required for optimal thyroid function.


Yes avocados contain some fat but it is good fat, which improves your metabolism. Avocados are very low in carbohydrate and they are very filling. Adding some avocado to a salad will give it a beautiful creamy texture and make your meal so much more satisfying. That way you’ll be less likely to want to eat sweets afterwards.


Fish is a great source of protein that is easy to digest. Protein helps to fill you up and it reduces hunger and cravings. Fish is also an excellent source of omega 3 fats and iodine. Omega 3 fats reduce inflammation in your body and in that way they help improve insulin sensitivity. People with poor insulin sensitivity are said to have syndrome X, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. They are all fairly interchangeable terms. If you do not like fish, you will still get many of the benefits by taking a fish oil supplement such as Fish Oil EPA-DHA or vegan DHA.

Cayenne (hot peppers)

Adding some hot peppers to your meals can raise your body temperature, and in that way enhance your body’s fat burning abilities. Hot spices also improve circulation and help to reduce fluid retention and bloating.


Eggs are a fantastic source of protein. They are filling and can make a quick, easy and tasty meal. If you are exhausted and pressed for time, an omelette or scrambled eggs can make a really quick and tasty dinner. Another benefit of eggs is they are a very rich source of the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine helps to improve your mood. Your brain uses tyrosine to manufacture the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline, which help to make you feel calm, focused and motivated. All good things for those of us trying to lose weight. If you cannot include these foods in your diet regularly, Metabocel tablets contain iodine, tyrosine, brindleberry, chromium, cayenne and other ingredients that help to improve the efficiency of your metabolism.


Olives make a great snack or you can throw them into salads or omelettes. They are high in good fats that help to normalize blood pressure and they help to keep you full. Snacking on a few olives is a great way to kill sugar cravings; their intense salty flavor helps to reduce the desire to eat sweets.


Worst foods for your metabolism

Potato crisps/corn crisps

Any crunchy, salty snack that dissolves in your mouth is not doing you any favors. These kinds of snack are full of artificial flavors, sugar and salt, which are designed to make the foods highly addictive. You are supposed to not be able to stop eating them once you start. That was the plan the marketing department had when designing these foods. The best advice is not to start eating these snacks in the first place because not many people can eat them in moderation.


If you are carrying excess weight, particularly on your belly, bread is not your friend. Most bread (even that made from whole grains) has a higher glycemic index than chocolate. That means it rapidly raises your blood sugar level. High blood sugar triggers insulin secretion into your bloodstream and insulin stimulate fat deposition, especially around your abdomen. So bread tends to create big bellies. You are better off eating protein, vegetables and good fats, rather than a sandwich. There are many meal ideas in my book "I Can't Lose Weight!...And I Don't Know Why!".

Sweet drinks

All sweet drinks encourage weight gain, whether they are soda, fruit juice or sports drinks. Much of the sugar in these drinks heads straight to your liver where it is converted into fat. These drinks are also high in calories but don’t fill you up. In fact the sugar in them can make you feel more hungry, encouraging you to eat more.

Milk, especially low fat milk

Drinking low fat milk won’t help you lose weight. In fact, there are several studies showing that low fat dairy products encourage weight gain. Milk is considered an insulin promoting food; that means it triggers the secretion of insulin by your pancreas. Low fat milk is fairly high in carbohydrate (due to the lactose in it) and it is thought the combination of carbohydrate and the specific protein in milk is what triggers a large rise in insulin. One study showed that milk stimulated greater insulin secretion than white bread. Full fat milk is a slightly better option but it’s not a good idea to be drinking large quantities of any kind of cow’s milk. The hormones naturally present in cow’s milk have been linked to a higher risk of cysts, acne, breast and prostate cancer.

Breakfast cereal

Most breakfast cereals are so high in sugar that they should really be classed as confectionery. Do you really want to start your day with confectionery? Eating breakfast cereal is more likely to make you feel hungrier and crave more sugar later in the day, compared to starting your day with eggs or other protein rich foods. If you must eat grains for breakfast, steel cut oats or quinoa are much better options because they are lower in carbohydrate and higher in protein then most breakfast cereals.

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