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symptoms of a dysfunctional liver is overheating

Did you know that one of the symptoms of a dysfunctional liver is overheating? I have found that the complaint of overheating of the body is common in patients who are overweight and this is a sure sign that their liver needs help. The overheating can come in waves and is often associated with sweating and extreme fatigue. If this occurs in post menopausal women it is often just put down to hot flushes caused by oestrogen deficiency and the patient may be given hormone replacement therapy. If this does not relieve the hot flushes it is important to check the liver function with a simple blood test to measure the liver enzymes.

With simple diet and lifestyle measures it is easy to improve the function of the liver and one of the nice benefits of better liver function is the relief of overheating and excess sweating.
Why does a dysfunctional liver cause the body to overheat? The answer goes back to Chinese medicine which explains that when the liver is overworked or under pressure, it generates too much heat within itself. Because the liver is such a large organ this causes our whole body to overheat. The excess sweating is a reaction of the overheated body to cool body temperature and allow increased excretion of toxins through the skin. These symptoms are very unpleasant especially if you live in a hot climate and the associated fatigue can be overwhelming.
One can make a comparison here to the symptoms of a sick planet earth – the planet is overheating and these days the signs of global warming are obvious. We see melting polar ice, rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, huge bush fires, increasing ferocity of cyclones and tornadoes and a loss of fauna and flora. As humans pour ever increasing amounts of green house gases into the atmosphere, more of the sun’s heat is trapped – one could say that planet earth has a fever.


  1. I have fat in the belly & thigh areas but it is distributed all over the body. I have started NDT & adrenal supplements with cortex & DHEA & stopped within a number of days, I think she over dosed me. I probably have fatty liver. I do not digest fats well. I’m on BHRT which has been a God send without it I would be disabled due to thyroid hormone not getting where I need it to go due to conversion problems. Where these originate I am not yet certain, but the liver would be a good guess. I have now read about aromatase inhibitors and that progesterone can be a factor in breast cancer in addition to estrogen. I have been prescribed variations of BHRT, and although I seem to do better on 100 mg of Progestrone the only reason I am on that much is that the MD I had to use to go on it was difficult. She asked ME what I wanted and seemed to have no idea what to order on her own & did not think testing was necessary due to my “probable low estrogen” because I am post menopausal. All the more to test for correct percentages and balancing ratios if you ask me since older women are more at risk for developing cancer due to accumulation and deficiencies in their bodies. I’m wondering what you think of DIM, testing & ratios of sex hormones, & DIM? Also any thoughts on sub clinical hypothyroidism and the use of cortex and or supplements before trying NDT?

    • Hi Kim,

      Liver health is very important to avoid breast cancer.

      Yes, there are some breast cancers that are progesterone receptor positive but most hormone dependant cancers are estrogen positive.

      Testing is always indicated to determine base levels of hormones and to ensure health is good.

      DIM promotes appropriate breakdown of estrogens in the liver, but a healthy liver is the best protection possible.

      Dr Cabot recommends you begin taking

      Livatone Plus – 2 capsules twice daily, to protect and improve liver function.

      N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC 600mg) – 2 capsules twice daily well away from food, if any upset occurs take at the beginning of your meals. This supplement works well with Livatone Plus to get your liver better faster. This supplement hastens liver healing. This supplement is the precursor nutrient of glutathione; the body’s strongest anti-oxidant.

      Thyroid Health Capsules – 1 capsule twice daily to provide the thyroid the essential nutrients it needs.

      These supplements are available here: https://shop.liverdoctor.com/

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant for Liverdoctor.com

  2. I need some help! My liver must be in bad shape because I am always overheating from internal heat. I have some pretty major genetic mutations in my detox and methylation pathways and have been to many medical doctors, natural doctors, an acupuncturist, I have done muscle testing, detox baths, have taken lots of different supplements over the years, have changed my diet and am desperately trying to get this heat under control! Nothing helps! I have a very strong suspicion that my liver cant handle my estrogen- those genes are mutated. I react to lots of things- so I have to be careful what I take. Who can help me with this? I am not overweight at all and I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine. I am doing everything right to try to heal it but nothing is helping. Feeling so desperate. Not sure what kind of doctor to see to help figure this out.

    • Hi Laura,

      Please remove all gluten from your diet, to reduce inflammation.

      You may benefit your hormone imbalance by supplementing with progesterone, ensuring you reduce your exposure to all plastics and perfumed products to an absolute minimum.

      Liver health is pivotal and Dr Cabot includes MTHFR bioavailable B vitamins in Livatone Plus and recommends you have 2 capsules twice daily.

      Please combine this with NAC 600mg 2 capsules twice daily to boost your liver health and improve metabolic clearance.

      Dr Cabot recommends you introduce Fem Pro – Massage a rounded 1/8 tsp (a full pump equals 1/4 tsp) of cream into hands and body twice daily. Individual needs may vary. Transdermal delivery system with 7% MSM. This product is only used during the second half of the cycle.

      You may purchase these supplements at http://shop.liverdoctor.com/supplements.html

      Kind Regards,
      Jessah Robinson
      Nutritional Consultant for Liverdoctor.com

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